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Welcome to the Take Time Out - DVT awareness website especially designed for the gaming brotherhood. We want you to know that we think you are more than capable of making your own choices, and as long as you are aware of all the facts you can make a conscious decision about your personal safety, whilst still enjoying the fantastic games which are on the market today.

Please feel free to tour the site, we ask only one thing, please pass on our site details to your family, colleagues, friends and loved ones, we want you all to enjoy the best of gaming safely.

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Important – Check this out - Staggering Increase in Young Deaths

DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and the resultant PE (Pulmonary Embolism) are major killers in the world today. Being immobile and dehydrated for extended periods of time, create these conditions and online gaming, playing in different time zones, in team games can put you in the danger zone. Take Time Out is working to bring this to the attention of the gaming community around the world.

Please remember 80% of DVT gives no warning signs and can result literally in sudden death. The single biggest reason for the formation of blood clots is by being physically Immobile for extended periods of time. This is common in gaming today, the better games are compelling and draw gamers into objectives and missions to complete. The introduction of online gaming such as Xbox 360 also extends the duration of the game as players meet and talk online, quite commonly in different time zones, for example the UK is five hours behind the USA/Canada and players in the UK in particular can be drawn into games throughout the night with fellow gamers across the Atlantic. Team games online are now a major feature of gaming and the peer pressure to remain in the game is very strong.

Gamers may well be aware of “Travellers Thrombosis” and the proactive approach the airlines have taken to make passengers aware and take steps to avoid the dangers of DVT.

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Take Time Out is not for profit and seeks to work with the gaming industry to promote safe gaming especially as technology develops and gaming is becoming even more exciting and compulsive.

Take Time Out want you to know that we are actively promoting with industry leaders, game developers, trade associations, health specialists, Government and the media to adapt a similar approach to the travel industry and wish to make it clear that strictly without detracting from the appeal of the games, that methods such as a pre game video be built into each and every game that would bring areas of risk to the players attention on every occasion the game is started.

We would ask the industry leaders such as Microsoft, Play station and Nintendo to adopt a common safety policy to ensure that there is no competitive advantage in this area and work to use their resources, technical expertise, talent and flair to provide advice and alerts during actual game play to remind gamers of the risks if precautions are not taken.

We believe it is no longer acceptable to only publish safety advice, however appropriate away from the actual game which requires a separate effort to uncover and achieve awareness.

Take Time Out also suggest that packaging should be marked “DVT Approved” to ensure that purchasers of the product may also be aware of the content of the material. Parents purchasing new games for gifts can be aware as to whether or not the game gives alerts / advice within the game play.

Take Time Out would like all gamers to be aware of the risks in a positive way without spoiling their enjoyment of gaming and with the support of the Gaming Industry promote up front awareness.

Please enjoy your gaming and help make Take Time Out one of the worlds most visited web sites.

Our message to you is – Love Life - Love Games!

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