72 hour Gaming Marathon Event - Advice please about Aspirin

by Will

I am looking forward to taking part in a 3 day marathon gaming session, around 300 online players will be taking part and I don't want to miss it, I have seen the information about DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis on your site and talked about this amongst my gamer friends the other night.

Several of us seem to think that taking aspirin would be a good idea to prevent the blood clots and I would like to ask the advice of the experts , what do you think ? And what dosage would you suggest ?

Someone said that Junior Aspirin would be the best one to take ?


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Nov 22, 2011
Urgent Advice
by: David Staniforth

Thank you for contacting Take Time Out please check out the advice on the site about what you co to avoid problems whilst playing for extended periods.

We advise that you do not take aspirin unless advices by your GP
We ask you to form an agreement with the group you are playing with to take a break at no more than 90 minute intervals, walk around, grab some food, keep hydrated by drinking water, avoid alcohol and high caffeine energy drinks to keep you going.

We hope you enjoy your gaming - take these precautions and stay safe.

Contact us anytime for advice or information, please pass our site onto your gamer friends.

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