A Wake Up Call

by Tony

I was told about your website by a friend at work who has teenagers like me, I knew about DVT and Pulmonary Embolism because my Father also died from the same thing he had been driving, on holiday in Europe and due to his immobility he contracted a DVT he sadly died in hospital in Spain.
I never even then made the connection about my Boys who play for hours on end on their Xbox after all how can you imagine that this would be a serious health risk.

I have now took steps thanks to this site to tell my Boys about it and they have taken in the message, I also am on the case reminding them to just take a break, its not a become a big deal and now they know why there are no arguments.

As a father myself I admire what you are doing and truly hope that your work continues to get the message across.

As a family we are all very sorry about the loss of your son Chris and hope you are able to take comfort from your achievements.

Thank You


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