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This website is dedicated to Chris Staniforth who died from a Pulmonary Embolism as the result of a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or blood clot.

Chris was an intelligent, trustworthy, popular and fun young man who was looking forward to university to study game design; he was totally opposed to prejudice and racism, and respected different religious beliefs.

He had a great circle of friends and an active social life; he also had four small student jobs, loved driving, played bass guitar and was seeking a part time job in IT to fund his time at University.

Chris had a passion for IT and was a gaming fan. He was very defensive of what he considered unjust criticism of the gaming industry.

Chris Staniforth Who Died From DVT

When it was discovered that Chris had died from a DVT his father researched into the causes and was shocked to discover that the main cause was as a result of immobility, the first realization was to compare the situation with airline long haul travel, most people are aware of the risks of DVT when taking a long haul flight and it is widely reported.

Airlines have voluntarily acknowledged the risks and have taken proactive steps to ensure the safety of their passengers, a preflight briefing is given to encourage passengers to take exercise during the flight, Cabin Crews are on hand to give advice about and encourage exercise, “Flight Socks” and soft drinks are made available usually free of charge throughout the flight.

The fact that DVT occurs on long haul flights is not the fault of the aircraft itself it is the fact that the passenger can be sat immobile for extended periods of time. It’s the same thing with video games consoles, however......

Gaming has developed over the last few years at an incredible pace with amazing Graphics and Sound effects, the introduction of on-line gaming which introduced team games with compelling story lines and the ability to play in different time zones has led to Gamers spending more time gaming than ever before. Indeed gaming is much more than the name implies it is a culture where on – line relations develop. Christopher had many good online friends in the USA and Canada, they exchanged gifts and Chris was invited to and intended to go to a friends wedding in Wisconsin.

The concentration whilst gaming is such that even avid gamers admit that time seems to just fly by whilst they are enjoying the game, like our comparison with Travelers Thrombosis, Gamers are now spending increasingly longer times being immobile which is putting them at risk of Blood Clots forming and major health issues including sudden death, 80% of serious blood clots go undetected and give no warning signs to the victim.

This website provides Christopher’s fellow gamers around the world with all the information needed to be aware and stay safe whilst enjoying Gaming.

We appeal to the gaming industry to take the lead from the Airlines and build into games a short safety video and reminders throughout the Game Play for players to “Take Time Out” and be mobile and hydrate. The current safety advice, has not kept up pace and is not robust enough for today’s advanced games. We believe the Gaming Industry has a duty of care to its customers and the resources; technical capability; talent and flair to introduce measures into its products which will not detract from the pleasure the gaming brotherhood around the world currently enjoy but enhance the gamers experience in a safe way.

We think Christopher would like that.

My thanks go to Christopher’s friends Max, Joe, Mikey and Luke for their assistance, and special thanks go to Rob Cook who has worked tirelessly to construct the site.

David Staniforth


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