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DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is also known as the silent killer, 80% of the time it gives no warning symptoms, it is also one of the more preventable areas of risk…….. But did you know about it?

The team at Take Time Out have worked on what they feel is the single biggest factor in keeping Gamers safe – AWARENESS.

Please explore the site and get clued up about the subject, we have based the advice detailed below on the start point of a normal healthy person, you will see in the “About You” section additional factors which add to risk, when you have to take more care.

It is very important to note that when a person acquires a DVT it is usually because more than one risk factor is present (known as Multi- hypothesis), Gaming combines several of these risk factors and what might seem a completely normal set of circumstances can put you at very high risk.

Use this link to check out the Scenario on the DVT page.

About You

DVT can affect any one but you are more at risk as a person if you tick any of these boxes.

You are an especially tall or a short person

You are overweight.

You are pregnant

You use the Oral Contraceptive Pill

Recent surgery, especially hips and knees

Other Outside Risk Factors

Being Immobile for long periods of time (90 minutes gaming Max - then Take Time Out)

Sitting in an office type chair (with your body in an S shape)

Kneeling or Sat on your legs whilst gaming (very dangerous)

Take off your socks (especially if the elastic is tight)

Being Dehydrated (water is the best drink)

Drinking Alcohol or Coffee before or during gaming (causes dehydration)

Drinking High Energy Caffeine Drinks to keep going whilst gaming (highly dehydrating)

Team Games/Peer Pressure to play longer

The "It wont happen to me" factor (take a tour of this site)

What you can do to avoid risk but still enjoy Gaming

The first thing you really must do is to make sure you remain mobile during the game, be sure to keep moving your feet to tension the muscles in your calves, this is your second heart and these muscles keep the blood moving in this area preventing pooling and clotting.

Our advice is to sit comfortably with your feet raised, for example; by using a foot stool. Further advice would be to remove tight fitting socks, which can reduce blood flow.

Be aware of time, our advice is to set the alarm on your mobile phone as a reminder, if you are in a team game arrange to Take Time Out Together, make it part of the fun, Make TTO (Take Time Out) part of gaming.

Be sure to always get up and move around after no more than each 90 minute session, stretch, take a walk upstairs, grab a drink of water, make a sandwich, keep moving, 10/15 minutes movement is ok.

Don’t be affected by anything what anyone else may say in a team game – its cool to “Take Time Out”

Put a message on your computer or laptop screensaver to keep you aware – Take Time Out (use marquee) talk about this with your online friends.

It really is a simple as that!

Please help us raise awareness of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in gaming by sharing this website and advice with your friends and family.

Our mission is to promote awareness via this website and to ask the Industry Leaders like Microsoft, Playstation and Nintendo to voluntarily set a safety standard by producing a short video which plays at the start of every game to make gamers aware of the serious consequences of acquiring a DVT whilst gaming and also to build into games a reminder that after every 90 minutes has elapsed an advisory pops up to remind gamers.

We feel that the best place for DVT safety Advice is on the packaging, before and during the game, manufacturers can build this into games without spoiling a game’s enjoyment.

We would like to get your thoughts and input in this, especially positive ideas we can pass onto the manufacturers.

You can go directly to our Forum page by clicking on this link

Our message to you is – Love Life - Love Games!

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