Advise needed Please.

by Joanne

My friend at work recommended that I take a look at this website after I spoke to her all the time about the growing concern i have about my son who is now 23 years old, he has had an Xbox 360 for some time time now and has played on it frequently, but not like he has done for the past few months since he bought the Call Of Duty (modern warfare version)
Since then his lifestyle has completley changed, he now rarely goes out, he takes food up into his bedroom to eat whilst playing and has gone from a smart young man, to long hair and rarely does he shave, infact he now has a beard, his girlfriend a lovely girl, who he has been away with on holiday has given up seeing him, I cant blame her, who would want to sit and watch someone playing a video game all night?

He has no care for personal hygiene and literally we have to nag him to take a shower.

Nothing seems more important to him then the time he spends on the Xbox playing video games

My son had a job at the Pub in our village, but has stopped going to work and been dismissed, he either lays in bed playing his game when he should be at work or is just too tired after playing all night to be bothered to get up.
The rest of the family who all work cannot sleep because he is in his room until the early hours playing his game and talking to other people on-line, he is very loud because of the headset and microphone he wears whilst playing, recently we begun to get extra bills from BT internet because the Broadband usage exceeded 60gb,there is now so much conflict at home it is unbearable.

I have made him look at the advise you give out especially about being immobile and yes, he also drinks a lot of Red Bull cans judging by the amount of empties in his room, so I am worried about the dehydration as well.

It just seems like his life has completley changed and my husband and I have taken drastic measures by literally switching off the power at midnight, the arguments are awful, but its the only way we get him to stop.

Can this be addicition? it seems like it but of course I am wasting my breath trying to get him to go to the doctor for advise, at the end of the day, has he reminds me he is an adult now and none of my business !

I dont know how to deal with this can you help ?

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Feb 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Joanne

I am Chris' heart-broken mum and I just want to say good luck with your son, kids of that age can be very stubborn and think they know all the answers. Show him this site and tell hm chris' story - he only needs to keep taking a break to keep mobile. I believe that everyone will understand and follow this advice - I fear breaking the addiction will be thr hardest part.

Good luck

Sharon Staniforth

Feb 14, 2012
Addiction / Too Much of a Good Thing ???
by: David Staniforth

Hi Joanne,

Video game addiction is not clinically proven at the moment , although there is a lot of talk about it in the media. Since I started this website i have heard similar stories from parents I have spoken to and have come to the conclusion that if as a first step you discuss this with your son describing the before and after effect to him and yes, put in place some restrictive controls as you have done, if his behavior does not become normalized I would suggest you speak to Broadway Lodge Addiction Centre for guidance.
We would always suggest that you take advise from experts in their field , they will probably not refer to what is happening to your son as an addiction, video games today are very compelling and fun to play and are also a place where people develop friendships online, the message we are trying to get out is that of awareness and the effect of when you are going to far, unfortunately at the moment the industry does not place adequate advise on it's products , where it might easily be found by it's customers,even if their intentions are good the positioning of their messaqges does not cut the mustard. good luck and keep visiting our site, we plan to publish new pages soon which will be of interest to you.


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