Blizzard Diablo 3 - Russell Shirley

by Andrew

I have just been reading about Russell Shirley who recently died in America and it made me think that there might be a connection between what happened to Chris Staniforth.
There are a lot of similarities in the connection with gaming, both Halo Reach which take it from me as a gamer has almost hallucogenic traits and Diablo 3 are games that you are compelled to play for long periods.
But what struck me was the connection you make on the website and the fact that a combination of immobility, and dehydration can result in a blood clot or DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis.
It is hard to imagine that such a thing can happen whilst you are just playing on a game, I noticed that on my Wii games there are warnings which pop up and advise you to take it easy from doing to much exercise, when in fact this site is wanting advice and alerts to warn you about not taking enough exercise and keeping mobile.
I am not sure until it comes out what happened to Russell Shirley, but there might just be a connection.
What ever, I saw your tweet on twitter and came to take a look and for sure I will be taking time away from my Xbox, Playstation and Wii like you say.
It's respect to you that you have never critisced games even though you must feel like it after what happened.
If some good can come from just being aware of the risks then you will have achieved your objective.

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