Blizzard Diablo - Russell Shirley


Some of you guys need to realizes these games... are like drugs and alcohol to some people. It's easily addictive if you are a gamer and you can become obsessed just like drugs. Sad that he died for a game obsession.

I know from personal experience... When I was in the 8th grade my dad bought me World of Warcraft since some of my friends had it. I easily played that game for 10 hours straight. Wake up at 10am and play that game until 10pm when my parents kicked me off the computer. I would forget to eat and everything and just get up if I had to go to the bathroom.

I wasn't even a hardcore gamer. Ask me anything about any game and I would like... "huh....?" it's 10x worse for hardcore gamers. Seriously there should be time limits on these games because seriously people skips college, work, etc to play these and it's sad. It's ruining people's lives :/

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