by David Staniforth

Christophers Parents, both Mother and Father have now had blood tests to ensure that heriditary issues did not effect Christophers death and primarily to ensure that his brother Michael was not at risk.
It can can now be reported that both blood tests have come back 100% clear and that DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis occured with Christopher not as a result of any heriditary condition.
The world is changing fast and a generation ago young people would not have been as sedentary as they are today.
One of the reasons is surely being engrossed in video games immobile for many hours with games that excel in quality and are utterley compelling, some games take 300 hours to complete.
Every 4 hours of immobilisation the risk of DVT Deep Vein thrombosis Doubles.
Whilst we appreciate that other scenarios exist where DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis can occur we challenge the gaming industry represented by UKIE in the UK to act responsibly and ensure that advice and alerts to Take Time Out is on the actual games themselves, if a game which engages players to stay with it for hour after hour and is console based viewed through a TV screen, Yet, The advice is put amongst marketing messages on websites accessed by a PC ? How wrong can that be ? It is also wrong to compare Interactive Video games with TV or any other media, Interactive media is fast growing for the reason that gamers enjoy the interaction that it brings, We continue to ask the gaming industry to act responsibly AND CALL FOR ADVICE TO BE BE ON THE ACTUAL GAMES AND NOT ELSEWHERE, In recent years the gaming industry has come under critism for many health related topics and seems intent on defending itself no matter what, maybe for selfish and commercial reasons.
Gamers will still purchase these excellent products and will appreciate the industry making them aware of risks that can occur, we feel that by putting these risks up front and protecting their customers, the gamers, UKIE will gain credability and be above media critism.
by pretending that they can offset risk by talking about some games like Zumba Fitness that promote exercise beggers believe. can they hand on heart claim that the recent all time record launch of Call of Duty 3 Modern Warefare is not compelling and sedentary ???

Take Time Out continues to ask the gaming industry that we understand is represented in the UK by UKIE to be responsible in promoting risk awareness, we believe that gamers will appreciate this and that to be effective alerts and advice must be on the games themselves and not elsewhere.
We extend our resources to UKIE to work with them and provide a workable solution to ensure safe gaming awareness to its customers.

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