CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY - Boots Web Md Interview / Article

by David Staniforth

Take Time Out continues its campaign to urge the Gaming Industry to Lead the way in safety advice and we are grateful to Siobhan Harris reporting on behalf of Boots Web Md a leading health care and advice website in the UK. Siobhan has created a well balanced article which can be read by visiting the link in the Take Time Out DVT News page or by visiting the Boots Web Md website.

It is hoped that the article may also be published in the United States of America on the Web Md website, this site is the most visited health advise site in the United States.

Dr Rob Hicks has reviewed the website for medical accuracy prior to publication.

"Dr Rob" often appears on television and radio as a guest expert and presenter, he is currently the resident doctor on classic FM radio and a TV presenter on the History Channel.

Dr Hicks is also an editor and prolific contributor to health websites including the BBC and NHS choices.

Please follow the link on the Boots Web Md website for more information about Dr Rob Hicks.

Take Time Out has a motto - Love Games - Love Life and continues to state that the best place for advise to stay safe is on the actual game itself, advise however well intentioned placed on websites unlikely to viewed by Gamers is unacceptable, Members of the Gaming industry who continue to subscribe to the practice are not being responsible to their customers.

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