CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY - Diablo 3 - Video Review

by David Staniforth
(Sheffield UK)

Take Time Out has been researching into new releases to understand what makes Video Game Players want to spent extended time playing and exposing themselves to risk of DVT.

Following a lot of reports about the late Russell Shirley from the USA whose death was closely linked to Diablo 3 from Blizzard Entertainments (we understand who are a member of UKIE )it was decided to choose Diablo 3.

The very first promotional video review can be seen in the link below and you have only to listen to the comments made by the reviewer about how long he had played so far ( 50 hours ) and the compelling nature of the game - Copy the link and paste it into your browser to view :-

Please remember the Take Time Out Campaign does not criticise Games or Gamers, but we do want you to be aware of the risk of DVT.

We have asked the UK gaming industry represented by UKIE to work in a positive way to provide advise and warnings of the DVT risk when players are immobile for extended periods.

We still await their intentions (4/6/12).

Currently no such advise is presented on games where players may easily access this information, UKIE have been presented with medical facts which prove long periods of immobility can cause DVT - this video feature does nothing to disprove the fact that the very popular RPG video games such as Diablo 3 are extremley compelling and players unaware of the consequences of DVT are at serious risk.

This site is dedicated to Chris Staniforth who spent many hours playing Halo Reach and died of a DVT aged 20 years in May 2011.

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