CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY - Duty Of Care and the Gaming Industry

by David Staniforth

Duty of Care Warning Signs

Duty of Care Warning Signs

I visited a local shop in my village today and saw that the friendly proprieter had placed a sign on the floor, one of those "A" shaped yellow ones advising his customers that the floor would be slippery when wet and to take care.

Talking to the shop owner he said it was raining outside and he did not want his customers to slip and hurt themselves, he also stated he had a moral and legal duty of care to protect his customers.

In his own interest he also did not want legal action taken against his business should someone suffer any injury.

The sign was prominently displayed so that no-one entering his shop could possibly miss it.

Comparing this simple example to what is happening in the Video Gaming industry where only basic advise and alerts is provided,on seperate websites, but not prominently displayed on the actual product is a bit like our erstwhile shopkeeper keeping his sign in the back store room.

Advise should not be a get out of jail card in the event of a tragic event and the team from Take Time Out / Lifeblood urge the Gaming Industry represented in the UK by UKIE to take positive action to provide adequate advise for THEIR customers presented in a positive way on the actual games and in such a way that it generates awareness without detracting from the appeal of the games.

Take Time Out and Lifeblood extend their extensive Medical resources to work with UKIE to ensure that the correct advise is given.

We believe that the UK gaming industry has a chance to lead the world in this initiative and we encourage them to seize the opportunity.

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