Campaign Activity - Halo Wars

by David Staniforth

For anyone who has difficulty understanding how MENTALLY stimulating and compelling video games can be and how players can easily spend many hours engaged sat immobile and at PHYSICAL risk of DVT, please follow the above link to watch and learn aspects of Halo.

You will be hearing from the designers of the game about how compelling and the amount of thought that goes into the product to entertain the player.

Whats wrong with this you may ask ? and that would be of course nothing...

Except of course the "Hidden Danger" of the human body being unable to cope with the immobility and the high risk of DVT.

Video gaming is a relativley new phenonomem and a lot is to be learned - after all " Every Day is a school Day"

How is the industry going to react to the fact that this campaign has made them at least in the UK fully aware in the UK via its meetings and communication with the gaming trade body UKIE indeed this has been communicated at senior level to CEO Dr JO Twist.

What this campaign is asking for is a situation which does not distract from the pleasure that players enjoy from playing games such as Halo but a moral duty of care from the gaming industry to its customers the gamers.

Not making players aware of this risk which is set to increase as technology makes the products even more compelling is irresponsible, not placing awareness messages in places where gamers will seen them is also unacceptable, the message needs to be on the game to ensure every single customer can see the risk and be informed to play responsibly.

No amount of poster campaigns in the dwindling retail market can make up for the message being delivered where it matters on the actual product.

Take - Time - Out and the charity Lifeblood have offered thier support to work with the industry via UKIE to deliver a responsible yet positive message to Gamers.

We hope the gaming industry will now respond.

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