Campaign Activity Q1 - New Web Site Page - Now Live have launched a brand new page on its website called E Thrombosis - this page details in a graphic way the seating positions to avoid while engaging in gaming, especially for longer periods of time please check out the page NOW.

Take Time Out / Lifeblood along with the All Party Parliamentory Thrombosis Group have provided this advice as part of there campaign to promote safer gaming and to draw advise to gamers about the risk of DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis ) when remaining Immobile for extended periods of time.

Take Time Out recommends a break at least every 90 minutes to walk around get the blood circulating and to take a refreshing soft drink or water, avoid high caffeine energy drinks, coffee and alcholol as this is very dehydrating.

Please follow the link on the new page to the "Your Body"
Page on the website to fully understand the risks associated to you when remaining immobile.

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