by David Staniforth

Regina Benjamin - US Surgeon General

Regina Benjamin - US Surgeon General

Take Time Out has today written to the Surgeon General in the United States, we know that Online gaming spans continents and our Anti DVT Awareness Campaign applies equally to Gamers in America as well as Great Britain.

We are asking for support for the campaign and want to get across the message that we are calling for the gaming Industry to ensure that "Robust Advice" and " Active Alerts" are on all Online Games, we feel the current situation of advice on websites away from the actual game particulary when the advice is amongst marketing information is unacceptable.

We are endebted to Gary Kuehl a contributor to the Take Time Out Forum from the USA for his assistance.

In 2008 the incumbent Surgeon General issued a call to action after 350,000 Americans per year suffered from DVT - this will soon be posted in DVT news on this site.

About The Surgeon General - Regina Benjamin

The Surgeon General is nominated by the U.S. President and confirmed via majority vote by the Senate. The Surgeon General serves a four-year term of office and is the second-highest ranking uniformed officer of the PHSCC, holding the grade of a three-star vice admiral while in office. The Surgeon General is the highest-ranking officer if the Assistant Secretary for Health chooses to serve as a civilian instead of a commissioned officer. The current Surgeon General is Regina Benjamin, who was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on October 29, 2009. She was unofficially sworn in to begin work on November 3, 2009, and was officially sworn in January 11, 2010.

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