CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY - Too Much Of a Good Thing......

by David Staniforth

Please go to the Media page on the website and see the video which has been produced by Chris Woods a student at Worcester University, his brother and fellow students.

The piece features Peter Smith from the Broadway Lodge who talks about Internet / Gaming Addiction, a web page written by Peter will soon appear on the site.

Addiction is not a word I expect the industry wants to hear they claim there is no clinical evidence about such a phenomen, but I ask them to think again, the games are so compelling that maybe it is just a case of gamers spending too much time playing on them.

Ask parents around the UK or the world what they experience with youngsters playing online, that is where the answer lies, we or UKIE or the gaming industry must not wait around for a proclamation of clinical proof.

What the Take Time Out campaign calls for is a "heads up" and advice to gamers so they can avoid problems in the first place.

Take Time out will continue to Lobby to the Uk and European Parliament for changes to the ways in which advise is given to gamers.

We also continue our appeal to UKIE and the gaming industry to take positive action to provide robust and visible advise to enable gamers to continue to enjoy gaming safely.

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