CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY - TV Interview Channel One - Russia

by David Staniforth

Channel One TV - Russia

Channel One TV - Russia


Channel One is the leading TV Chamnel in Russia today it has coverage over this vast continent from the Capital to the most remote areas in Siberia.

Channel one is the undisputed leader in Russian Broadcasting covering 99.8% of the population.

David met and filmed an interview with The Channel One London Chief Correspondent - Dmitry Soshin.

To quote Julia from Channel One - They wanted to film this story as they see the subject - Online Gaming - and the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis as a problem without Borders.

We are delighted to say that Channel One have agreed to place a link on their website to the website.

David would like to thank Channel One and extend our best wishes to Gamers in Russia, we invite you to visit our website, enjoy gaming - but please - Take Time Out.

Our Russian visitors to the site can benefit from the translator tool provided on the site.

Take Time Out continues its campaign to ask the gaming industry to vouluntarily ensure that health and safety advise videos and active alerts are placed on online video games for the benefit of its customers.

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