Chris Staniforth

by Sharon Staniforth
(Sheffield, England)

Chris was my son. He was a beautiful person, inside and out, he was very intelligent, had a very dry and quick wit, he was very kind, thoughtful and loving and I miss him so much. The pain is unbearable.

When he was in his room on the computer playing games I thought he was safe. More often than not he had friends with him; he would be in his bedroom; one would be on the computer downstairs, three would be on their laptops, and they were all networked playing games with other people (friends) around the world.

I was happy that I knew where he was (he was 20 but as any other mother will know, you never stop worrying about your children!), he wasn't driving around or hanging around on street corners being a nuisance or getting drunk in pubs and clubs.

If only we had been aware of the dangers of DVT, I am sure Chris would have followed the advice, he wasn't stupid, he would have listened, worked it out for himself and come to the conclusion that the advice was sound.

He might still be alive today!!!

I am not saying that it was gaming that killed him, but I am sure it was the way in which he played, he concentrated hard on the game and time passes very quickly when we are engrossed in something. He wouldn't have been aware of how long he had been playing.

I hope everybody takes the advice of the site - keep safe, practice safe-gaming. I wouldn't want any other mother or father or brother or grandparent or nephew or cousin .... or friend to go through what we are going through.

Sharon Staniforth


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Sep 10, 2011
Chris Staniforth
by: Sharon Staniforth

Hi Rob, thanks for your kind words. I never ever thought in a million years this could happen to Chris or that we would all be going through this pain. Chris was such a special person - I honestly feel this was his destiny! It eases the pain a little telling myself this.

I hope you are well - if ever you come to Sheffield drop me a line and hopefully we can get together.

Lots of love

Sharon xx

Sep 07, 2011
Message For Sharon
by: Rob

Hi Sharon

I hope you follow the comments on this site and get to read this.

I would just like to say that although I'm helping Dave with the construction of this site and speak to him on a regular basis I haven't actually had a chance to speak to you.

So I would just like to let you know how sorry I was to hear the news about Chris, and to let you know that my thoughts are with you Sharon, as they are with Dave and Michael as well.

What an absolute tragic waste of such a young and promising life.

Although I cannot alter this, what I can do is assist Dave as I am already doing, with this site in the hope that the message to "Take Time Out" gets through to the many thousands of people who could be affected by this issue.

Once again I am so sorry for your loss.

Take care


Sep 06, 2011
RIP Chris Staniforth
by: Marianne - USA

I first saw this article on ABC News and then a friend told me about this website. I am so sorry for you and what happened to your Son.

I am in admiration of your courage and sense of goodness when after such a terrible loss, all you can do is to think about others.

I will pass on the knowledge to everyone I encounter and encourage them to visit you here.
I hope you are successful in your campaign for the benefit of all.

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