Death By XBox ?

by Pete

I am what you may call a Gamer, and I have to say that along with a lot of other gamers I do not agree with this headline, the Sun paper just did this to sell newspapers. if you read many of the comments on gaming forums You will see that a lot of gamers are fed up with being attacked by the media and on face value this story is just another way of having a go.

Mr Staniforth Snr however has drawn my attention to something which i never dreamt about and that is DVT, when I went through the Take Time Out site I became convinced that I would play differently because I can see what he is saying makes sense. I agree with him that some warnings should be on the games themselves, why not ? I would rather know if I am at risk of something like this, it won't definitely stop me playing or buying a game.

Getting back to the Sun it was a ridiculous headline, but probaly helped get this website published which on balance is not a bad thing.


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