DVT and Gaming

I'm really sorry to hear about your son David and found this page and your page after reading the article in The Sun newspaper. Awareness to this problem is a must!!!! My son became interested in on-line gaming (computer and Xbox) at the age of 14. It started off with him visiting the local internet cafe and playing with other like minded people. They would often have regular holiday all day gaming sessions. As a parent living in an area known for its drug and alcohol issues with youngsters I was relieved that he had not fallen into the bad circles that so many young people had.

My son is 22 now. Gaming is his whole existence. He has had a DVT but luckily I noticed the signs immediately and got him into hospital where he had 4 months of treatment. Doctors gave him hope that the condition may be genetic but we have no doubt that it was caused by his addiction to gaming. The only time he leaves his bedroom is to go to the toilet, get food and occasionally to pop to the local shop. He went from being an A grade student to failing his degree. We only realised that this was a problem when he got the DVT. We then issued an ultimatum about his internet usage only to be met by crying and shaking (very similar displays to those who go cold turkey off drugs).

DVT is an issue that needs a raised awareness but we also need to make young people aware that playing these games for 8 or more hours at a time is dangerous day in and day out.
My son is now going to counselling. he has no social skills, and it is unlikely that he will get a job or be able to function in the real world. All he knows is how to game.
We really must make parents aware of the dangers. I thought that I was keeping my son from the perils of life but in reality I was helping him to just exist.

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