DVT and PE Awareness

by Chris Drummond

So sorry David and family to read of your loss, I have two sons either side of his age and cannot imagine what you are going through.
I am 50 years of age, and am relatively fit and healthy with no illness as such through my life to speak of, but last Sunday (24th July) on the first day of my holiday in the South Of France I collapsed coming off the beach and stopped breathing for four minutes on the pavement.
Whilst I was with my wife and daughter (my wife is a nurse) I was lucky to have had the assistance of a passing doctor and her husband who got me breathing again.
Later that night in hospital I was diagnosed with a DVT and resulting PE. This is something that I had never appreciated could be so fatal and age indiscriminate, and was probably as a result of driving to the South of France, although my job involves driving and I am convinced this has been a timebomb waiting to happen. In my case I bent down to tie my shoe lace before leaving the beach, probably releasing the clot at that time.
I am fortunate to be making a recovery with excellent French care but still do not know when I will be able to return to the UK.
However when I do I would like to help you with the quest of widening awareness of this affliction as it must make a difference. I hate to think how many people at this time of year push themselves like I did by driving long stints, to get away on holiday with the family,not aware of the slightest possibility of the risk.
So sorry to make contact under these circumstances but I felt compelled to email and offer my help and support.
I will be in touch when the website is operational and I am back home.
So sorry again for your loss.

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Sep 11, 2011
Best Wishes Chris
by: David Staniforth


Thank you for writing in I hope you are on the road to a full recovery, by writing in you are helping get the message across to a wider audience.
I know that your DVT was not down to gaming, but wether its like in your case driving, flying or being at a computer its all the same thing.

Chris the advice given on this site applies to your circumstances just as much as Gamers being on line and immobile for Hours.

Awareness is the key to beating DVT - please let us know how you are getting along.

Good Luck


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