E Thrombosis

Remaining Immobile in a seated position can be very dangerous and can predispose you to DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis - Our Pictures Below indicate some of the common seating positions associated with Gaming, Gamers are advised to take exercise by walking around after no more than 90 minutes remaining immobile. Some of the seating positions shown reduce blood flow significantly and should be avoided for any period of time. Please Click Here to go to the "Your Body" Page on this website and learn how and why Blood can clot in your Calf area. Blood Clots can break away from the calf area and travel through the heart to the lungs; this is known as a Pulmonary Embolism and can result in sudden death.

Please study these sitting positions - Some are popular with Gamers, and follow our advice to continue to enjoy your time spent gaming - Safely - Thank You!

Sitting in a chair

Gamer Sitting in a ChairThe pressure exerted at the back of the thigh by the front edge of the seat can cause a slow down in blood flow as described in the research by professor Richard Beasley based in New Zealand - Now known as seated Immobility Syndrome or E Thrombosis.

ADVICE - Take a break at least every 90 minutes, walk around and Hydrate!

Sat On Legs

Gamer Sat on Both LegsRefrain from sitting in this position for any period of time, there is no calf muscle movement and pressure restricts blood flow - blood clotting in the calf area would be likely when sat in this position for very short periods.

ADVICE - Do Not Sit in this position!

Sat On One Leg

Gamer Sat on One LegRefrain from sitting in this position at all there is again no calf muscle movement in the leg and pressure restricts blood flow.

ADVICE - Do Not Sit In This position!

Cross Legged

Gamer Sat Cross LeggedRefrain from sitting in this position, calf muscle movement is restricted and pressure becomes exerted on both legs reducing blood flow.

ADVICE - Do Not Sit In This Position!

Crossed Ankles

Gamer Laid Crossed AnklesPeople who have been in hospital will have heard a nurse scold you for crossing your ankles - again a comfortable position but pressure from the crossing over of the legs can result in blood clots forming in the calf and you may run the risk of a Pulmonary Embolism.

ADVICE - Do Not lay In This Position!

Best Position

Gamer Sat in The Best PositionThis is probably the best position to adopt if you are gaming for an extended period of time.

ADVICE - Be sure to take Time Out at Least every 90 minutes and walk around to get blood flowing, have a drink of water or soft drink.

Avoid - alcohol, coffee, high energy caffeine based drinks - these drinks promote dehydration.

For More Information follow this link - Your Body - on this website.

Our message to you is – Love Life - Love Games!

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