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Care – Share – Be Aware

Can you imagine how fantastic it would be if we could all join together and get this site to go all around the World with a HUGE Facebook campaign, you can make it happen.

If you can spare just a few minutes you can take part in this amazing event.....

Take Time Out Facebook CampaignHere is what you do.....

1. Login to Facebook

2. Go to groups

3. Create groups

4. Group name = Take Time Out (Or whatever you want to call your group)

5. Members = add your friends (As many as possible - this is the longest bit - if you have lots of friends - but easy to do)

6. Privacy = set to OPEN

7. Press - CREATE

8. Go to the www.take-time-out.info website

9. Click on the "Share this page on Facebook" link at the bottom of any page

10. The Take Time Out link will open and in the "share" drop down box - select "In a Group"

11. Type the group name = Take Time Out

12. In the "write something box" type CARE – SHARE - BE AWARE

13. Then press "SHARE LINK"

It looks complicated but actually it only takes a few minutes, please give it a go and keep coming back to the site and see how the site visit count looks.

PS - Did you know you can create your very OWN webpage on the site by going into the Forum, it only takes a few minutes and you can upload pictures! - Let us know what you think about the campaign, or if you knew Chris and you have any stories to tell, or your thoughts! It will be great to hear from you. If you would like to get a message to the gaming industry or the media this is where you need to post.

By being part of this Facebook campaign you will be doing something amazing, imagine if everyone knew the risks and just took time out, without spoiling their gaming, how much better would that be?

If you already have groups organised on Facebook just click on the Facebook (share this page link) below, and you will soon be done!

Our message to you is – Love Life - Love Games!

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