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The Xbox 360The very first thing we want to make clear to gamers is that we are not against the gaming industry or community in any way, indeed just the opposite, we want games to continue to develop to add to your enjoyment.

What comes with this however is that games become more exciting and compelling and time goes by unnoticed, it is at this point that you are at serious risk of “Deep Vein thrombosis”.

Many other situations also lend themselves to the risk of DVT, but our focus is on gaming and the awareness it brings to the gaming brotherhood, had we chosen a more general approach our message would become diluted. We also see this as a growing problem of which few people were aware.

We found it necessary to conduct in depth research and have sought out facts from several different sources in order bring this information together in one place and to enable you as gamer to be fully aware and easily get access to the dangers of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Please explore the site, learn about the "Silent Killer" and the steps you can take to reduce risk without spoiling your gaming experience.

We ask you to consider the following statements from gamers which have regularly been seen in forums and on YouTube.

"I blame the Parents"

“Media attacking gamers once again”

“It’s all lies”

“I have played for 16 hours non stop and nothing happened to me”

“I’m a hardcore gamer – Not a wimp “

“Here we go again – another attempt to knock gaming”

“Who would want to break up a multiplayer game in the middle of the action?”

It makes sense to be aware of the risks and we think it is right for you to make your own choices, but one of the major risks to consider is your own perception, like demonstrated in the comments above. We think it is in your interest to be fully aware and as long as you have the facts readily available at your fingertips you can make your choice.

The Sony PlaystationTake Time Out think that you make your own choices and it is ultimately a case of personal responsibility, but equally if you were unaware of the dangers in the first place, this must be wrong. It is for this reason we are asking the leading players in the industry such has Microsoft, PlayStation, and Nintendo to ensure warning and advice messages are carried on, before and during the game play, to raise awareness.

Important – Check this out - Staggering Increase in Young Deaths

We are suggesting that these new initiatives use the technical ability and flair within the industry to introduce advisories of time elapsed and awareness in innovative ways to keep you safe yet not distract from the pleasure of gaming.

We hope you can join us in promoting this and if you would like to pass comment to help steer the industry please use our contact us page we will pass your comments and ideas into industry leaders and trade bodies. You may also wish to join our forum and share your experiences and comment with the gaming brotherhood.

Finally, our sincere wish is to provide safe gaming to all and your assistance in passing on our website to friends, family and loved ones will be very much appreciated.

Our message to you is – Love Life - Love Games!

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