Keep up the good work

by Gerry

I am writing because I can actually see what is being said on this site is true, my son who is now 23 reserved a new game called Call of Duty 3 Modern Warfare with a prepaid deposit before attending a midnight launch ( for games which had been reserved ) .

Basically he got the game ripped off the wrapper and slammed it straight into his Xbox, since that moment he has barely left his room and actually has missed two days off work feigning illness to play online games.

Only my threat to put the hammer through the Xbox and after much upset did he go to work only to be back on it again into the early hours of the morning.

I was speaking about this to my friend at work and he told me about your campaign, and this website.

I have got my son to take a look at this tonight and he was shook up about this and I could hear him talking to his online friends about this.

I am going to keep telling him about the dangers because when I asked him about the advice he had never seem any and having judged how he could not wait to tear open the packaging and start playing , I can see that there is no way he would go onto his computer to try and find separate safety advice.

God only knows how you must feel having lost your son, but , I take my hat off to you for what you have done with this site and wish you the best of luck with the awareness campaign.

I will be telling my friends ( other parents ) about this.

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