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Welcome to the Take Time Out Media Page, please view the work done so far to put awareness into the public eye, many more articles have appeared from all around the world, you can help by sending the hyperlink to us from your locality, please use the contact us or forum page and we will acknowledge your contribution by putting your name against the article. Thank You.

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Here are some of the stories that have appeared recently;

BBC Look North - Interview - Excellent story by the BBC - The BBC website ran this story and had the largest amount of hits on Saturday.

Sun UK - Front Page Story - The Story of Christopher's Death Broke in the Media and went around the World.

News from Sky - World Wide - Feature on gaming Rehab Centre and Comment by David.

News in the USA from ABC - The story was very widely reported in America.

News in Canada from CTV Interview - Advice from Dr Bell on this very popular breakfast show.

Radio Interview - Ireland - Break fast show with Joe after the issue was raised in the Senate.

Radio Interview - Sheffield - Interview with Sarah.

Sheffield Telegraph - Newspaper Story - Sheffield.

Daily Telegraph - Newspaper Story - Australia.

The Sheffield Star - Newspaper Story - Sheffield Star.

The BBC News - Cafe gamer dies after 50hrs in South Korea.

The BBC News - Head to Head - is online gaming good for you.

Fox News USA - The news of Christopher's death is widely reported in the USA.

Channel 1 Russia - I am grateful to Julia and Dimitri from Channel 1 the leading TV station in Russia for the excellent feature interview which supports the campaign to promote awareness of the risk of DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis ) when playing video games for extended periods of time, currently the advice and warnings of this condition are not usually displayed on the games themselves and Take Time Out is asking the Gaming Industry to ensure robust advice and active alerts are placed on the actual game and not elsewhere on Trade Body Websites such as UKIE which Take Time Out considers to be the wrong place for such advice. The advice should also be meaningful and not hidden or diluted by marketing messages. Take Time Out continues its campaign to ask the Gaming Industry to improve the advice it provides to Gamers in order that they can continue to enjoy the best of Interactive Video games safely.

Huffington - The Huffington post is a well respected source which has strong connections with video gaming, it has very kindly included Christopher’s story in this feature which they have created to drive awareness of DVT to it's readers. We thank The Huffington post for this excellent article.

UKIE Chairman, Andy Payne, on Sky News from UKIE on Vimeo.

Andy Payne UKIE - Interview - Please see this very interesting interview from SKY news, We thank Andy Payne For pointing out that gamers should take regular breaks, but we do wish to point out that even though Andy Payne refers to Zumba fitness a game which promotes movement it does not mean that this can offset the millions of RPG / FPS games sold and played each year and where there is a risk of acquiring a DVT - We think that the response from the Gaming Commentator Jonathon Creswell reflects the level of knowledge around health and safety issues in the gaming industry currently and that the industry should seek independant advise from medical experts and promote a more informed Health and Safety Message.

Too Much of A Good Thing....

Please take a look at this Video produced by a young man called Chris Woods a student at Worcester University, Chris wanted to do something to get the message across in a positive, being Gamers themselves they produced this short video, Young people the same age as Chris Staniforth have been able to put this message out for the benefit of others - Take Time Out wishes them well with their studies and best wishes for their future.

Take Time Out is compiling a collection of stories that we feel will benefit visitors to this site. If you come across a story in the media that you think may be of interest to us, then please do let us know. You can do so by using this link to our Forum Page where you can submit the link and story, and we will then publish it on this website.

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