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by Ger O Donnell

The Body of a man who died during a gaming marathon at a Taiwanese internet cafe sat there for hours after his death, as other customers carried on surfing.

Chen Jung-yu went to the internet cafe in New Taipei City on Tuesday evening to play World of Warcraft. He paid for 23 hours of gaming.

However, when the attendant went to tell Chen his time was up, he noticed that the gamer’s face was blackened and he was rigid, the Taipei Times reports.

According to Sky News, Chen was last confirmed alive when a waitress saw him talking on the phone at around noon on Wednesday.

Police believe that a combination of tiredness, his static position and low temperatures could have caused blood clots leading to a heart attack, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The attendant said he had noticed Chen’s head drooping, but assumed he was falling asleep. Police said when they cordoned off the scene, other customers in the cafe either took little interest or simply kept on playing.

Being Immobile in a sitting position is the most likely cause of this tragic death, the blood pools in the calf forms a clot( DVT ) before moving to the lungs causing death by Pulmonary Embolism,
Please view the TakeTime Out website for full information on how this can be avoided.
Currently Health and Safety Messages are not displayed on Games and Take Time Out continues its call to the gaming industry in the UK to ensure that messages and alerts be displayed on the actual game and not on web sites.

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