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I know that as a parent you are always striving to do the very best you can for your children and no matter what happens you are always there for them.

There are many things you do on a daily basis that constitutes being a Mum or Dad, but one of the greatest things you give your child is knowledge and advice to help them grow and stay safe.

In the case of video games which the majority of children today have access to it is easier for a parent of younger children to control the amount of time spent playing and encourage other activities.

In the case of a young adult this is not the same situation, online gaming today has become a huge part of many people’s lives and involves not just the game but a meeting place and social network for friends and the chance to play for all hours, even through the night with fellow gamers in different time zones, the story lines are compelling and drive players especially in team games to meet objectives often taking several hours to achieve.

Many parents I have spoken to prefer their son or daughter to be doing other things than spending all of their time playing video games, but they also take comfort from knowing their child is at home, warm, dry and not outside engaging in antisocial behaviour of any kind……… and safe.

The approach taken throughout this website has been to not prejudge or condemn the Games or the players themselves in fact it has been to support gaming, but bring attention to a very serious element of risk which is part and parcel of the gaming scene.

It is not the right thing for me to even try and tell you what you should do, but I would advise that you make your child aware of the information on this site and take practical steps such as reminders to the amount of time played in sessions and try and limit them to 90 minutes, talk to them about high energy drinks and the extra risk of dehydration they create.

A reasonable approach avoids conflict and I hope you are able to use the information on the site to educate and ensure your child stays safe.

It is my sincere wish that this website and the supporting campaign makes a difference and ensures that no other young person’s life is lost to Gaming related DVT.

I speak from the heart when I say I have lost my lovely son, due to a lack of awareness and knowledge of an issue which has arisen from a new phenomenon, I hope time will now prove that the manufacturers will respond quickly and positively to ensure awareness is up front, robust and displayed clearly on packaging, at the start of every session and with pop up reminders at intervals, just to remind players to Take Time Out.

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Our message to you is – Love Life - Love Games!

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