Passing The Buck - UKIE ???

by Tom

I visited the UKiE website looking for the advice they talked about on the SKY interview, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed, the reason for this is instead of being up front and openly talking about the real issues what can happen they are looking to trade it off, for example they compare gaming to any other sedentary activity such as watching TV etc.
This in my book is plain irresponsible, I'm a gamer myself and the big difference is to sum it up in a single word - Interactive - this is why people spend hour after hour on their consoles,
In my view the gaming industry has took a real panning g from the media and they defend themselves, the worry there is that they do not recognize when there are genuine issues and avoid broaching the subject.
They would be better off giving out good advice on the games as this site is asking for and then the press could go to hell - reason ? Because everyone has been made aware and the industry has done their best to let everyone be in the picture.
I see no reason why advice should not be on the games, if I had not seen all the publicity around Chris Staniforth story I would never even knew that you had to go to UKIE website for advice !

Sorry about Chris it shouldn't have happened - thanks for at least trying to get the word out, credit to Mr Staniforth for not slagging anyone off.

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