Social Responsibillity of the Video Game Industry and UKIE

by Joe Simcock

It is incredible but true that there are no controls on this industry whilst at the same time the industry lead by UKIE confidently strides into the political arena seeking tax breaks and concessions to assist further growth.

The very nature of the products and the urban myths that surround gaming mean that easily impressionable young people can and will play for hours on end.

The fact that there is no advise for gamers On the products were they might actually find it and that the advise given out by UKIE is such a sugar coated pill wrapped in marketing buzz and hype, hidden away in places no gamer would think about looking, really means that this advise us a cop out, it just says LOOK we are saying the right things.......

Meanwhile the RSI. Injuries risk of DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis continue, let alone the effect upon young people who stay awake all night paying games and the encouragement of a sedentary lifestyle.

Keep up this good work Take Time Out


I until recently played games every night then realised the RSI injuries in my wrist were caused by this - wake up Gamers read this site don't be sucked in by the half lies generated by this industry, they don't care about you , just want your money


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