Some Advice for Parents And Computer users

by Jennie

David, thanks so much for sharing the tragic story of your son's death. My condolences to you on your loss.

As a nurse, I felt I should offer a little info and some advice for anyone who sits at a computer or video game screen for hours at a time.

When you sit without moving your legs for longer than an hour or two without getting up, like at a desk, video game or long airline flight, the blood tends to pool in your lower legs. It can actually clot there, and is called a DVT (deep vein thrombosis). If it stays in your leg, it is painful, but usually not life-threatening. The problem is that the clot can break loose and travel through the veins to the lungs (pulmonary embolism) or the brain (stroke). Either can be fatal.

The answer to the problem is to get up and walk just for a few moments every hour or so. Walking works the muscles which milk the blood back up to the heart before it can clot.

There is a very good way this can be prevented: a computer alarm or freestanding alarm that is capable of being set to sound a chime every hour to remind you to just stand up and take a few steps. This habit could save your life.

So if you work online for hours at a time, order a computer alarm clock software, works in your computer (make sure it has capability of hourly chime). Parents, find an inexpensive alarm capable of hourly alarm for your video-crazy kids. It must be capable of setting and forgetting, or they wont reset it. You can Google for both items.

Hope this helps.


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