The Strength of the Human Spirit

by Sarah
(United States )

You two are amazing people you must be, to go through something like this and to decide to make something good come of a terrible situation is a beautiful reminder of what the human spirit can do.

Even the Suns twisting of your words can not take away from the fact you are highlighting an important issue that claims a lot of lives every year and affects hundreds of thousands of people.

What you are enduring is beyond imagining, what you are feeling I do not want to even try and comprehend, and yet from all of this you just want to do some good and try to make sure other people avoid this fate. There are many lesser people who would seek to lay blame or anger at another's feet.

Where ever your son is, I am sure he is proud of you right now. Good luck to you both and I hope that in this campaign you find peace and solace or at least a little comfort.

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