Times Have Changed

by Frank

Dear Mr Staniforth,

I have studied your website and i wish to congratulate you on what you have achieved, like you, I have children of a similar age and I have brought this site to their attention.

I fully agree with the message you are giving out and wish you every success with your campaign, the Gaming Industry should be taking notice of this and I would like to make this comment.

I am 56 and just one generation on, the world is a totally different place, there is no doubt I was far more active than even my own children, no family car, walking for buses, 3 TV channels and no Interactive Video Games, I could go on.

The simple fact is this "who would be aware of the risk" until like you it is to late ?

It is essential that the Interactive Gaming Industry supports your initiative, how else will young people know about the risks ?

Any campaign which is not on the product itself will be at some point forgotten, like your boy Chris my Son comes in late at night and will then play for hours on his Xbox.

My Son has just bought the latest "Call of Duty" he has been on it for hour after hour, maybe some Wii games and Zumba Fitness promotes movement, but many others really need advice to draw attention to lack of movement.

Once again Good Luck with your Good Work.


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Dec 05, 2011
Thank you Frank
by: Annya

Thank you so very much for your insight Frank and for your support for this important, indeed vital, work.

Lifeblood is working together with David campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of long periods of immobility, not only in the younger generation whilst using these games, but also in many other areas of the very different and far more sedentary lives most of us now lead both in our working and social lives.

Best wishes,

Annya Stephens-Boal
Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity

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