UKIE Safe Gaming Links

by David Staniforth - Take Time Out

We have searched the UKIE site to pull together all of the links available from them and put them in one place, it has to be said this took a not unconsiderable amount of time and we feel the information takes a lot of uncovering to be of any use in a health and safety scenario. There is little mention of Deep Vein Thrombosis amongst these collective sites, but please be the judge of this for your self - Take a Look. Please consider - would a teenager or young adult want to go to this trouble and indeed when they got to the information, although well intended is it robust enough for them to be aware of the life threatening dangers of DVT and Pulmonary Embolism ?

We have made suggestions to UKIE that the following measures be adapted.

A/ All Packaging to carry a "DVT Approved " Seal if the product meets the below criteria

B/ A pre start of game video to give advice and warnings of safety issues and dangers of DVT

C/ Pop up reminders at pre agreed intervals during gameplay to remind players of time elapsed and increasing risk of DVT

D/ We have encouraged UKIE to work with the industry to use its talent,flair, and resources to bring about change promptly and in such a way as to not detract from gamers pleasure

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