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Take Time Out is grateful to the following organisations which have assisted us in putting together a series of useful links for your in depth information, these links will provide you with extra information to that on our site.

Lifeblood the Thrombosis Charity

Lifeblood the Thrombosis Charity - Why not take a look at this it’s all about reducing the risk of e-thrombosis.

Lifeblood the Thrombosis Charity - Learn to spot and stop the clots through education, another informative article from Lifeblood.

Lifeblood the Thrombosis Charity - Take a look at some more information about Venous Thrombosis.

Please note that Take Time Out has no direct control over the content or accuracy of these sites, however if you do experience any problems please let us know. You can do so by clicking here Contact Us.

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